You’re Going to Germinate So Much…

…you’ll be tired of germinating!  But then we’ll just germinate some more!

Truth be told, I started writing this post on Thursday night and was sidetracked before I finished.  On Friday, they were looking a little worse for wear and I was worried my excitement was premature.  We were out of town this weekend and with the absence of our tender care for thirty-six hours I was worried we would be coming back to a mass die off.  My fears were mostly misplaced as the majority of the seedlings have survived thus far.  The d’Esplette peppers are more finicky than I imagined they would be.  They germinated at a fairly high rate and faster than most of the other peppers we grew but life has not been kind to them.  Two look strong right now but the others have either died or look on their way to the grave.  I planted another couple of seeds just in case.  This was the variety of pepper that got me back into the garden this year and I would hate to miss out on making some of my own d’Esplette seasoning because I was too frugal to start a few more seeds.

This is what they looked like Thursday night:


And here we are today:


The pimente d’Esplette are in the container on the left in both pictures and the petite Marseillas are on the right.  As you can see, the petite Marseillas are doing great and I don’t think we’ll need to worry about starting anymore of them.  The pimente d’Esplette have not improved much over the last few days.  Hopefully between the few surviving seedlings in this first batch as well as the couple I planted today we’ll manage to get a few peppers.

I conducted my germination blind this year, pushing the seeds into the pods and hoping for the best.  I think next year I’ll do some more experimentation to see what leads the highest germination rates, best growth, and highest survival.  Super_C# has mentioned paper towels so maybe we’ll try that, but I’ll have to do some more research too.  Plants are growing out of the ground everywhere, after all, so it can’t be that hard!


2 thoughts on “You’re Going to Germinate So Much…”

    1. We do! We have a huge south facing window, but (with the exception of this most recent weekend) the weather has been so grey I’ve been worrying about them. Hopefully it stays warm and funny for the next few days.

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